Effective FACEBOOK Ads For Your Business- What Works Best?

Every online business has its own endorsing objective regarding how they should present their brand to their targetted audience. Be it promoting a particular page, offer or even a newly launched service, every business owner aims for more lead conversions. Fortunately for all of them, Facebook ads serve their purpose of promoting their offerings wonderfully and allows them to meet their endorsement goals adequately.

Facebook has always had a strong hold over the digital marketing venture- namely because it is the most popular social media platform with millions of possible customers. Plus, it is the most effective mode of introducing the business/brand to the world in a well-crafted manner.

Jerry Stevens- a digital marketing and SMO expert rightly opines;


“The only way to know which Facebook ads will work for a business is by determining one’s endorsement goals, making the product/service unique from the rest and sorting out your targetted customers.”

At Web Cred; we have heaps of experience in crafting and implementing highly Facebook ad campaigns for all kinds of niches and ventures. Our experts take full leverage of all those highly effective avenues for promoting services/products and striking interest and brand awareness across numerous media and uncountable end users!

Most Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns


“If You Wish To Spur More Likes And Engagement For Your Business Page…?”

Use Page Post texts, images and videos.

Page post videos and image ads determine how much the video/image has been viewed. It endorsement strategy works amazingly to create new customised end users and also to re-target future customers. Furthermore, with the help of page posts; you can even use concise and crisp text lines to create engagement and comments.

Page Like Ads

Procuring massive volumes of page likes will only help to increase your digital and social presence. This also helps create a certain interest and buzz towards your brand. Usually displayable on the right column and on mobile and desktop news feeds, Page Like Ads also display a visual Call-To-Action, thus compelling your targetted users to Like your business page.

For such ads; you should always focus on quality than quantity. Plus; you also need the right SMO/ digital marketing experts to create such adds so that the right kind of end users like your page.

“If You Aim To Boost Up Your Leads And Sales With FB Ads..?”

Carousel Ads

The concept of this ad is to display captivating service/product related images in a revolving format. They can be used for mobile, desktops, Instagram and audience network, and you can even display 10 images in one single ad.

The best thing about these ads is that you can tell which of the 10 images got the maximum interest from your end users. And using that knowledge; you can formulate your marketing efforts accordingly.

Canvas Ads

Mobile devices are witnessing an overwhelming use in today’s time. And if anything, it works in your favour especially if you plan on using Facebook canvas ads. It only displays on smartphones and allows end users to swipe through the images as they browse. Displayed in a carousel manner, the ads can also be tilted in various directions and zoomed in and out as per convenience.

Canvas ads are interactive. Plus, they load 10 times faster than other mobile advertisements. So, if you have unique offerings, then with this Facebook add; you can benefit from its interactive appeal and reach your sales objective quicker.

As per the canvas ad format; you can use these components to make it more appealing.

  • Image Carousel
  • Full-Screen Tilting-To-Pan Image
  • Headers With Logos
  • Text Blocks
  • Full-Screen Images
  • Auto-Play Video
  • Product Set And Link Buttons To The Business Site’s Landing Page

“Most Importantly; If you Wish To Generate Traffic And Leads to Your Business Landing Page..?”

Link Click Ads

In words of top-rated digital marketing services in Brisbane, it is one of the most popular choices to bring traffic to your landing page. It can be placed on desktop/mobile news feeds, the audience network and even Instagram.

Link click ads create page follows and likes along with generating potential leads. What you as an endorser should check is the user comments to interact with them directly and forge trust.

Boost Page Ads

If there’s a Facebook post that’s constantly generating likes, comments and traffic to the site, then you can also use boost page ad to transform the page into an ad itself. It will appear exactly like your business FB page- minus the “sponsored” at the top!

When boosting a post; you can also create the target audience, place your bids and even endorse that specific page to much broader viewers.

Video Ads

This is very similar to a link click ad, except your end users will get videos instead of an image. There’s a common belief that videos of 15-30 seconds long can impact your client base emphatically and arrest their attention.

Plus videos prove to be more visually compelling than images. So more conversions is a distinct possibility with it.

To cater to all your Facebook ad campaign requirements and other digital marketing needs, “Web Cred” offers you affordable digital marketing services that exceed your expectations.

Get in touch and speak to our specialists. They will formulate the most effective Facebook ads for optimal endorsement and scalability.