UX Vs UI Design:-The Key Differential Points!

While walking down hip streets of the top tech capitals- we’ve all eavesdropped conversations about how great a UX product is… Or just how poor is the UI of a business website.

So, is it some unknown language that you’ve haven’t come across, or are they mere slang that those folks use to look cool?

No, they are not. In fact, UX and UI are two very confusing and conflating terms used in the website and its app designing. Yet, it is often difficult to get any lucid explanation that doesn’t descend into a jargon.

But all that changes, as this post, throws light on their key differential factors.

So, follow closely!

Digging Deeper Into The Realm Of UX and UI:-


UX design simply means User-Experience Design. And UI implies User-Interface Design. Though they are different in many ways, both serve utmost importance to a business website.

We, at “Web Cred”; your reliable digital marketing company– differentiates them by saying:-

  • UI designs are more closer to what you refer to graphic designing- except its responsibilities are way more intricate.
  • As for UX designs, they are more technical and analytical.

To explain it with an example- If you consider any product as a human body- the UX is in charge of measuring and optimising against the input to support other life roles. Whereas UI entails the body cosmetics, its senses, its reactions, and even its presentations.”

UI Design Features:-


A User Interface Design includes Click-on Buttons, the text, the images, text entry options, sliders and the other items that the users interact with while searching.

Other Key Aspects Of A UI Site Site Design Encapsulates:-

  • Screen Layouts
  • Transitions
  • Interface Animations
  • Visual Element
  • And every single micro-interaction.
  • UI prototyping
  • User Guides And Storylines
  • Design Research
  • Branding
  • Adaptation to all types of device screen sizes.
  • Proper implementation with the help of a developer.

UX Design Features:-


As its acronym is user experience, it determines how easy (or difficult) a website is to interact with all the UI elements included.

It Helps Answer These Questions:-

  • Whether the site experience is a smooth one or does it seen confusing, clunky or even intuitive?
  • Does interacting with the site present a clear idea about whether the app is helping them effectively accomplish their tasks?
  • Also, if the site navigation feels more rational or arbitrary?

UX design also helps determine the structure and functionality of the interface. And perhaps that could explain how it keeps all parts related to one another.

It UX design works well, then the user-experience will be seamless. Au contraire, if the navigation proves to be unintuitive and complicated, then the users will have a lousy experience.

Some Key Features Of A UX Site Design Include:-

  • Wire-framing and prototyping
  • Testing and developing strategies
  • Iteration and testing
  • Customer and competitor analysis
  • Product Structure and strategy
  • Coordinating with the UI designer(s) and even with quality developer(s)
  • Keeping track of goals and carrying out key integration
  • Iteration and in-deep analysis.

How We Work With Them Together?


UX design always comes first followed by UI site design. This needs a collaborative effort on the part of both our teams.

Our UX design specialists work on the flow of the app, on how each button ensures smooth navigation for your tasks, and also how the site interface provides the searched information.

Our UI team, on the other hand, bring their minds together to make sure all the key elements of the site interface appears clearly on screen.

Furthermore, if you have additional requirements like extra buttons on the home screen- our experts will be happy to make the amendments in re-organising the buttons and even changing their shapes and sizes if needed.

While our UX team will figure out the right way to display the buttons on screen; our UI experts will change the earlier appearance and lay out all the buttons as per the fresh layout.

Get Through To Us For Tailored UX and UI Site Designs:-


Labelling as a top-rated web design company in Brisbane ; we will take into account all your site designing requirements. And be it a UX or UI design; we will be happy to give you a quality site design which garners more attention and converts leads into sales.

So, call us @ 0413 362 573, and tell us if you have any such specific requirement.

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