Why Organic SEO is always a better option?

Technically speaking, ‘Organic SEO’ is made up of three elements – Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. These three elements work collectively to improve the ranking of your website and augment its health.

Organic SEO goes all the way to strengthen the web pages and the blogs & articles thereon. The technique makes these content all the more relevant to what the users are looking for.

Now that we are halfway through 2018, the number of live websites is increasing with every passing day, and this trend is likely to continue in the years to come. The reason behind this has been the propensity of more and more companies to go online. This has made organic SEO all the more pertinent in today’s context.

If you have a deep enough coffer, you might be tempted to give Google a portion of your earnings to make yourself visible on the search engine pages. However, there is one problem that might come up in this case. The moment you stop paying, you lose that space and you turn invisible. This is because you have not followed the fundamentals of organic SEO.

On the contrary as and when you invest time for preparing quality content, it will stay afloat and be visible forever on the site. That is what organic SEO is all about. Here you invert time along with money and that is why the results are more permanent. While you would need consistent as well as relevant postings for maintaining the rank, organic SEO will make sure that you maintain the ranking for long. That means, the blog that you have uploaded say 3 years back will continue to earn you visitors.